Our History

Grace for Impact was founded in 2006, led by Mr. Dapo Oriola. The organization has grown steadily over the years with the support of thousands of volunteers and medical professionals along the way while leveraging our extensive network of partner organizations and institutions worldwide. Grace for Impact’s work spans Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia and the organization has impacted more than 85,000 beneficiaries to date.

History in Timeline


Founding of Grace for Impact Grace for Impact was founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit international organization in the United States. Active implementation began in the areas of health and education.

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Introducing Dental Care GFI introduced Dental Care and began collaborating with the Nigerian Government and Ministry of Health.

Colaboration of Grace for Impact


International Medical Volunteers International Medical Volunteers from the United States and the United Kingdom joined the team. Ophthalmology was introduced as a service.

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New Training Program Grace For Impact began providing training to in–country volunteers and medical professionals for enhanced sustainability and local impact.

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Introducing Cataract Surgery Cataract Surgery was introduced as a service. Partnerships were made with Christian Medical Dental Associations (CMDA).

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Working with partners Catholic Charities donated $1.5 million worth of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. GFI formed partnerships with Springtime Foundation.

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Expand the volunteer base GFI Collaborated with National Youth Core to expand the volunteer base by more than double. Our CEO was recruited.

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