Student Ambassador Program

Are you a student? Do you have the desire to do good  and make an impact not only on your campus but around the world? We got you!


Apply now to be a Student Ambassador for Grace for Impact. Whether you’re in high school or college, this is an exciting opportunity to have fun, do good, and gain leadership skills. 




Our Student Ambassador program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain and utilize valuable leadership skills. Grace for Impact will provide you with all the necessary tools to fulfill your role as a student ambassador. You will receive an ambassador kit that includes, t-shirts, brochures, event guides, marketing materials, and support to get you started. Of course-  we’re always here to help!


As a Student Ambassador, you can collaborate with organizations that you’re already a part of. Or… you can be a one man/woman show!  Student ambassadors typically host 2-3 fundraising events per semester (don’t worry-we have plenty of ideas for you).

You can also choose to start your own Grace for Impact Campus Chapter. As the Chapter Head – you take the lead! You decide whether you would like to recruit additional members, form committees, and elect fellow leaders. (ie. Vice President, Secretary, Treasury, etc.) Annual elections and will allow your Grace Chapter to continue on after you yourself graduate. You can host meetings and invite students to better learn and discuss the issues surrounding health and education.





  • An opportunity to do something big and make an IMPACT.
  • Looks great on your college/grad school/job applications.
  • Recognition and Awards for your service.
  • Receive graduation chords for your leadership
  • Gain valuable knowledge and leaderships skills useful for life after graduation.

Apply now!



Student Ambassador Application