Dapo Oriola

Board Chairman

Mr. Dapo Oriola, a native of Nigeria, is the founder and Chairman of Grace for Impact. Mr. Oriola is a passionate and effective philanthropist who brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience to the organization. He has served in a variety of roles over the years including non-profit healthcare, education, active ministry, journalism and the private sector. Mr. Oriola is currently a partner with a leading healthcare technology company based in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Oriola holds multiple degrees including a bachelors in Theology, a Masters in Journalism and  a degree in Philanthropy. A committed life learner, he also earned a Master of Science degree in Information Systems Management.

Mr. Oriola is a talented closet musician who resides in Loma Linda, California with his family.

Kofi O. Boafo

Country Coordinator

Kofi Boafo is the Country Coordinator for Grace for Impact in Ghana. Kofi leads all in-country coordination and field activities in Ghana. He brings valuable international development experience and cross-sector knowledge in non-profit programming and operations as well as public and private sector experience in both Ghana and the United States. Mr. Boafo worked as a Program Advisor in a wide range of areas with the Netherlands Development Organization in Ghana where he was instrumental in creating new business development and strategic partnerships and innovations for the organization in Ghana.His experience with donors and partners included UKAID, DGIS, USAID, Bill and Melinda Gates, Ford Foundation, AFDB and the Government of Ghana.
Kofi holds a Bachelors Degree in Integrated Science and Technology with concentrations in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability. He has participated in international workshops and trainings and holds several professional certifications. Kofi is very passionate about Africa, poverty alleviation and is working to find ways to create meaningful employment for the youth in Ghana.
Mr. Boafo serves as a volunteer and youth leader in his church where he provides capacity development, coaching, and entrepreneurial training. Kofi enjoys travelling and in his free time he enjoys reading about Africa and listening to uplifting music